Lookdev Kit


FREE python tool that I created to aid you in the look development process with Autodesk Maya and Arnold renderer. 

There are multiple HDRs to choose from and tool allows users to switch them on the fly. Tool also enables users to create quick turntables to present their assets in a nice way with Macbeth charts, chrome and gray spheres. Also, there are Depth of field and focusing controls. You can also use your own favourite HDR images (.hdr and .exr format), and work with them in your lookdev process.


Microsoft Windows, Autodesk Maya 2018+ and Arnold renderer


All this is created in my free time, so I'm giving it for free. If you find this tool useful you can add a small tip before downloading it. 

Release Notes

27. May 2020 - Lookdev Kit 2.2.3

- Improved Auto - Framing function. I've written new Auto Framing function that calculate object size much better than previous one. Also it is much faster and optimized. Still, in some cases you will have to adjust framing slightly.

- Auto - Framing now moves camera depending on the asset size (in previous version camera was scaled)

- If your asset is moved away from scene center in X or Y (left, right, up or down) direction Auto-framing will move camera to match X or Y position of your asset.

- If parts of the asset are in the -Y space the Shadow plane will move down so that parts of the asset are no longer under the shadow plane. 

- Auto Focus function - when creating Lookdev scene with asset selected Lookdev kit will run Auto - Framing and also Auto - Focusing - it will move focus plane so it matches your asset position. You can still tweak the focus plane after initial setup.

- Multi-threading when doing HDR conversion to .tx and .jpg. New function for Refresh HDRs command. It will check how many cores you have and run enough processes to saturate your entire CPU. It will save 1 thread so your PC doesn't slow down completely. 

- OCIO config check - if you use OCIO config in color management it will load HDRs as Utility - Raw. If you don't use OCIO config it will load them as standard Maya Raw. 

- Focus Plane text is now loaded from separate Maya scene. I had some reports of this text generation crashes Lookdev kit.

- Added Shutdown checkbox to Batch rendering UI. If you check it your PC will shutdown after rendering

- Macbeth chart and spheres also update X and Y position based on your asset

- Added button that will open Lookdev kit documentation web page (bottom right question mark - ?)

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
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For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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