Zentraedi Battle Pod

Dusan kovic battle pod 01

close - up

Dusan kovic battle pod 02


Dusan kovic battle pod 03


Zentraedi Battle pod turntable

Zentraedi Battle Pod

A tribute to one of my favorite animated series - Robotech (aside of the Transformers). This is a Zentraedi battle pod, main unit in the Zentraedi fleet.

I did this model for the guys at the Quixel, as a part of beta testing the Quixel Suite 2.0. I wanted to texture it only using the Quixel Suite 2.0. The new 2.0 version is really getting some nice features. Also, my first time using the Quixel Suite :)

I'll maybe rig it and animate it some day :)

Modeled in Maya, textured with the Quixel Suite 2.0, rendered with Arnold/alShaders and composited in After Effects.