Lookdev Kit 2.1 UPDATE

News / 06 May 2020

I've worked hard on bringing you guys another update for Lookdev Kit. Fixed a couple of things and added new features. 

You can download it from MY STORE FOR FREE

Let's start with new features video:

06. May 2020 - Lookdev Kit 2.1

- When you load lookdev kit it will set ldv camera as main view camera

- Turntable Start Frame dropdown - you can choose what is your timeline start frame. Choose either 1 or 1001 as your Starting frame

- Auto asset framing - if you have your asset selected while clicking on Load LDV kit it will automatically adapt to your aset size  and frame it correctly. You can always adjust the framing

- Skydome is now visible in viewport

- Skydome HDR resolution was default 1000, now it is 2048

- Skydome rotation Offset didn't worked in turntable mode, it was resetting on frame change

- Turntable Object rotation Offset didn't worked in turntable mode, it was resetting on frame change

- Set Turntable now adds Object rotation Offset slider value when making turntable

- UI Turntable Object rotation Offset didn't get right value after the UI launch

- Fixed SubD On asset selections - it didn't worked well in previous release

- Shadow Catcher plane is much larger now, you won't have shadows with sharp cuts in some lighting conditions

- Lookdevkit UI now launches on the right side of the main viewport, not in the center

- Turntable created one additional frame, now it creates correct number of frames

- Because I've added more features in the new release, if you have a scene with Lookdev kit 2.0 already loaded, script will automatically remove it upon running

- Added Batch renderer. You can now render your turntables on multiple HDRs with few clicks. More about this in DOCUMENTATION

- I created a Lookdev Kit documentation page where you can find all information about functionality of the tool

- A bunch of smaller fixes that created bugs



If you run Del tx/jpg or Refresh HDRs commands after they finish Lookdev kit should start again, but sometimes it bugs out and it just turns off. I tried everything to fix this and couldn't find the reason for it. There are two possibilities:

First - I suck at coding and I created accidental bug that I cannot detect.

Second - Maya cmds UI is buggy and should be burned

Either way, I plan to re-write new UI with pySide, so there will be no random bugs. 

If this bug happens to you please just start Lookdev Kit again. 

You can download it from MY STORE FOR FREE

Have fun using it please report any bugs :)