Lookdev kit - Update 01

General / 04 February 2019

Here is the new update for Lookdev kit. I know it took a while but I was pretty busy. Here are new updates:



04.01.2019. Update 01:

- HDR selection slider - SUPER special thanks to Aleksandar Kocic for some coding magic that made the pivot snap to the HDR numbers. 

- removed albedo AOV that was left behind.

- I added some colors to the scene elements.

- scene is a bit more organised.

- loc_object_rotation_01 was left outside of the group because of parent constraint.

- global transform control for the entire Lookdev scene (move, rotate, scale).

HDR selection:

Global control:


01. HDR version slider knows to be a bit buggy, if the snapping stops, just deselect it and select it again.

02. I had to remove the .tx file and had to load original multi - layered .exr for Skydome. Due to the OIIO update in Arnold I couldn't load multi - layered .tx file. I didn't have any problems because of using .exr, I hope it will work for you. I asked Arnold devs about this and I hope solution is coming in the future.


Do not create .tx for lookdev_hdri_2k_01.exr, it will probably not work in newer versions of Arnold. 

Please let me know if you have any issues with this version. 

Also, I am open to suggestions on how to further improve the tool. 



You can find more info about Lookdev kit on the Original blog post or in the readme file inside the downloaded zip.